QUALITY Life Casting, Family-casts, Baby-casts, Baby-prints, Silver handprint jewellery, remembrance print memorial items .....Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester, Hampshire

Life casting, 3D hand-casts and foot-casts and 2D Outprints of feet, hands and paws, highlighting every line and crease, babyprints, fingerprints, footprints and handprints.
A keepsake of your baby, child, pet or loved one.
Also foundry cast silver print Jewellery incorporating hand, foot or fingerprints of your special person. Amazing body casts, babyprints & wonderful Pregnancy Casts!!

Please Contact Laura from Treasured Prints in Southampton (SO15 5GX) and visit my Hampshire Studio. For.....

.. Your baby's hand or foot cast as a framed or free standing 3D Casting

.. Your child's handprint or footprint impression produced as a 2D Outprint

..Your pet's paw print

..A 3D Cast of your whole family holding hands

..Your loved one's prints preserved in Silver Jewellery for that very special gift. (Birthday, Christmas, Mother's day, Baby Shower, In memory.......)

..A Body Cast including a breast cast or bottom cast! Also a Baby Bump Cast while you are pregnant!

..Gift Voucher for the perfect present

07769 317102

Are Home Casting kits a good idea? I'd say NO!
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I have loads of 5 Star reviews........ A few below!

I had the pleasure of meeting Laura to make a memorial hand cast of my partner. Laura is lovely, so kind and understanding. She was so supportive and made the casting a truly comforting experience, nothing was too much trouble for her, I felt like I had a friend with me

I absolutely love my Christmas present, which is a heart pendant with both of my girls thumb prints, one on each side of the heart. It looks fab, and is so special. I would totally recommend Laura, and the jewellery is perfect. Thank you Laura!

Absolutely made up & love our 3D family hand cast i picked up this week. Thank you so much, its means so much to us and something we will treasure forever. Would highly recommend Laura, she was lovely & professional, and very patient with my in decisiveness!! Everyone comments at how amazing it looks so thank you again.

Just picked up our 3D foot and hand cast and absolutely love it. Thank you so much Laura. Can't believe his hands were that small. So precious and something we can treasure forever. This will take prime position in the family home.

Choose your Caster with Care
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