2D Outprints

2D Footprints and Handprints (or your dog's pawprint)

Using special soft clay I make an individual very detailed imprint of the palm of a hand and the sole of the foot (or paw of your dog). I then make a unique beautifully finished, special 2D Outprint showing every line and crease. I then paint and display your Treasured 2D print to your individual specification.
Any Age..... child adult or dog....

If your baby is a day or two old and tiny, or a few months old and bigger I can take a wonderful detailed imprint of their hand or foot.
If you have an older child or you are a young person or an older adult, I can take a very detailed imprint with a very high quality patina!
I can also take imprint of your dog's paw (and other pets).

The Process

The actual process takes a couple of minutes and is totally safe. Your child's hand or foot is very gently pressed into our special natural clay.
This leaves a wonderful impression showing every line and crease.
Finally I make a plaster outprint of the impression and hand- paint and finish your unique footprint or handprint. This gives a 2D effect and shows all the tiny details.
I usually allow at least 30 minutes for an appointment (longer if more than one cast is required), so we have time to relax and choose colours and finishes.
Because of the time the outprint needs to dry, to be hand finished and framed (if required). It will be ready to collect in 4 to 5 weeks.
I can also use the same process to make a wonderful 2D outprint of your dog or cat!
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2D Babyprint baby model 1
2D Babyprint baby model 2

Examples of Prices for Unframed & Framed 2D Outprints below....
Family prints- Please contact me for a prices.

  • Laura is lovely and proper gem!!!! Made me feel so welcome. Absolutely in love my little ones prints. Exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much!!!!! Xx .

  • Really pleased with our plaque and Laura was so friendly and helpful, would definitely use again :).

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