Family Hand Casting

Let Laura’s Treasured Prints help you capture your special family moments with a holding hand, circle of hands or framed family life cast.

An engagement, a wedding, a special friendship, celebrating the bond between the generations in your family. The casting session is a unique and fun experience.

The options are limitless; I am always happy to discuss the best options with you so you get a piece you can truly treasure

Family preparing for a 3D cast
Family preparing for a 3D cast
Thumb nail- Pinky Promise
Thumb nail- Pinky Promise
Family Casting- Price List

Holding Hands Casts (a child is under 12)
A Family of three; 3d holding hand cast; Finished in silver.

Adult and child ......................-£195

Two Adults hands .................- £225

Three hands (adult or child)...-£300

Four hands (adult or child).....- £375

Five hands (adult or child)......-£450

Circle of Hands Casts

Circle of Hands

Three hands (adult or child).......£375

Four hands (adult or child)........£450

Five hands (adult or child)........ £525

Framed Family of hands

Framed hand Casts of a family of four.

Three hands (adult or child)...... .£350

Four hands (adult or child)......... £425

Five hands (adult or child)........... £500


Family hand casting process

Family casts are great fun! The appointment usually takes about an hour depending on the type of cast and the number of people you wish to include.
Generally actually taking the mould takes only a couple of minutes and is a fun and relaxed experience.

The cast is taken using a casting gel called alginate. Alginate is completely safe and can be used in direct contact with skin and is extracted from natural seaweed. It is the same material that has been used totally safely for making dental impressions millions of times by dentists in people's mouths for well over half a century.
The alginate is mixed with water to form a gel.
After carefully arranging your hands, I either submerge your hands in the gel to make the mould or I cover them with alginate and then make a supportive plaster shell.

These larger casts need plenty of time to hand finish and to dry to ensure the longevity of the cast therefore they will be ready for collection in 10 to 12 weeks.

If you are thinking of capturing a special family moment with a family hand casting please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss the options. I do offer payment plans for larger casts.

The children are growing up so quickly that I wanted to have a keepsake and stop time for just a moment. Laura's cast of the 5 of us holding each other's wrists, creating a ring, was perfect. She was so helpful, friendly and professional, and the finished product is beyond any of my expectations. I would definitely recommend Laura

Thank you so much. They (the children) had so much fun and you were great with them. I’m so pleased, I can treasure it forever. It looks incredible!!

Absolutely love our 3D hand cast I picked up this week. Thank you so much it means so much to us and something we will treasure forever. Would highly recommend Laura, she was lovely and professional and very patient with my indecisiveness!! Everyone comments on how amazing it looks so thank you again.

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