Body and Pregnancy Casting

Why not treat yourself to a Body Cast,
OR if you're pregnant maybe treat yourself to a wonderful Pregnancy Bump Cast

A body cast can be done for many reasons:- Below are some suggestions:-
Before an operation, (for example a breast cast can be done before a mastectomy),
OR to celebrate your body and to embrace it just as it is, or to celebrate your body getting back into shape!!
A body cast can be a wonderfully romantic gift for/from your partner (maybe to celebrate a milestone birthday)!!

A pregnancy bump cast can be done during pregnancy, to document the amazing changes in your body.

Pregnancy Cast Information
Body Cast Information
Body cast of a ladies bottom in lacy knickers
Full female pregnant torso cast

“I had a torso cast done with Laura recently and was so happy with the result. The detail was absolutely amazing! Laura was professional and easy to talk to, I would highly recommend her for any form of casting!”

“I decided to have my bottom cast as I finally felt confident with in myself after having my 3rd baby. I was loving my body again! I’m in love with cast and it’s a great reminder to always love myself whatever, which is something not enough women do”

“ I’m so pleased with my breast cast has come out so well. Thank you so much, having this done has helped me say goodbye to my boobs”
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