Silver print jewellery

My Bespoke Print Foundry Cast jewellery for the professional finish-

I make luxury Heirloom Quality, foundry cast silver fingerprint and hand/foot/paw Print Jewellery.
I make this quality jewellery using the ancient art of wax casting, a technique dating back to ancient Egypt.
This method involves each piece being hand carved in wax to make a unique mould which is used to cast jewellery in molten silver.
This method produces far superior jewellery in both strength and finish.

How my jewellery is different from other keepsake Jewellery
Most keepsake jewellery is made from silver clay. Silver clay is made from fine particles of silver combined with an organic binder and water, which then kiln fired.
Since I started making jewellery I have spent a lot of time looking at ways of achieving high quality silver jewellery.
I found myself getting frustrated with silver clay as I wasn’t always 100% happy with the finish and durability.
I always strive for the best quality for my customers so I started researching different techniques and I found that lost art of wax casting produced the absolute best results.

My Jewellery
I carefully transfer your unique prints to jeweller's wax which I hand carve and finish in your chosen jewellery design.
Each piece is then precision cast at a renowned jewellery foundry in the heart of the country.
And finally your jewellery is personally finished and polished by myself.
All my Foundry Cast jewellery comes beautifully presented in a jewellery box, complete with a polishing cloth.

I offer wonderful unique, heirloom quality-
Fingerprint jewellery,
FIingerprint Impression jewellery
Handprint/ Footprint/ Pawprint Jewellery