Body Casting

Body Casting

Everyone has their own reason for deciding to have a body cast done.
These are personal to you and all casting appointments are in a completely private but relaxed environment.
No photos will ever be shared unless you expressly agree to it.
You are welcome to bring a friend or to come on your own.
Body casting can be an amazing and positive experience.
The body casting process involves making an alginate mould of the body part to be cast
This is a quick, totally painless and an enjoyable process.
The Alginate I use a totally safe and natural moulding material. Alginate powder is extracted from natural seaweed.
It is mixed with water to the right consistency and is then applied to the body and a plaster bandage shell is made to support the alginate.
When this process is complete the mould is removed carefully. Finally the mould is used to make the cast.
The cast is made out of very high quality reinforced casting plaster.
The cast then needs to dry out fully before it can be painted, this usually takes 10-12 weeks.

Choose a caster with care!

“I had a torso cast done with Laura recently and was so happy with the result. The detail was absolutely amazing! Laura was professional and easy to talk to, I would highly recommend her for any form of casting!”

“I decided to have my bottom cast as I finally felt confident with in myself after having my 3rd baby. I was loving my body again! I’m in love with cast and it’s a great reminder to always love myself whatever, which is something not enough women do”

“ I’m so pleased with my breast cast has come out so well. Thank you so much, having this done has helped me say goodbye to my boobs”
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