Beautiful Jack Paul Crowder stillborn 2021.


I met little Jack back in April a beautiful baby boy who was sadly stillborn.
I took prints and a cast of Jack at the hospital. They are a lovely tribute to a beautiful boy. ...more

Wow 2020, what a year!


The start of 2021 hasn’t been any better but I’m lucky that myself and my family are all here and well. Also I heard today that my parents are both getting their first vaccine this week. This is great news and I feel the NHS has done an amazing job rolling out the vaccine. After a rather depressing start to the year there is light at the end of the tunnel! ...more

Training spotlight -Paige, The Casting Company Essex


I just want to give a big shout out to one of my students- Paige. ...more

Social Distancing casting is now available!


Book your Virtual Baby Casting appointment now ...more

Baby, Gianna was cast a year after I cast little Frank who was very sadly stillborn.


Thank you so much to Claire for sending me this photo of her babies' casts displayed together on the wall. ...more

Cold Casting


The process of cold casting is the mixing of metal powder with bonded resin to create amazing, luxurious casts that give the appearance of solid metal. ...more

Maureen, the seamstress


Every hand tells a story....Maureen's daughter wanted her mum cast holding a needle as Maureen had been a seamstress since she left school..... ...more

Jewellery, Unique and Personal


Laura recently made me a "no-hearing" silver pin. Cannot recommend her enough, this little pin means an awfully great deal to me! ...more

Gym, Gin and Giant Tantrums- Blog Post


Our Casting Experience at Laura's Treasured Prints" ...more

The Perfect Frame for your Cast


Over the years I've tried out a number different framers but I am now so pleased that I have found a local professional framer who can supply me with perfect bespoke frames. ...more

Kids have wonderful imaginations!


'Pyjama Drama' is wonderful! ...more

Getting creative with bump casting


Last week I was really excited to be asked to do a bump cast..... ...more

Christmas 2019!!


Please book your Christmas cast orders very soon.
So I'll have time to get your unique gifts finished for you in time for Christmas!! ...more

‘Love and Name Frames’


I’m well and truly back to routine now after the summer school holidays. ...more

Ten Things you can do to help your Child Fall Asleep


Lots of my customers are parents and sleep is always a hot topic!! ...more

A cheeky cast!


How body casting can boost women’s body confidence. As featured in the local press!! ...more

June 2019, Events and Discounts


This June I am doing two local events. I will bring samples of my work for you to see.
I will be offering 10% off any finished casts, prints and jewellery when the cast or print is taken on the day.
I will also be offering 10% off any appointments made on the day. ...more

Nervous about leaving home with your new baby?


Those first few trips out with a new baby can feel overwhelming.... but rest assured if you leave the house to get your new baby’s hand and foot cast, I will try and make it go as smoothly as possible! ...more

Choose your professional caster with care!


'Your bundle of joy has arrived, life will never be the same again! ...more

Sibling Casts


All your children cast together- a wonderful gift idea!
Recently I have been asked to cast a lot of sibling groups, which I love to do!! ...more

Pre- Mastectomy Breast Cast


This week I cast the breasts of a lady who has been having treatment for breast cancer.
Her next step is to have a double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. ...more

Starting a business- My Story


I started my business, Laura’s Treasured Prints, in June 2014 and those 5 years have whizzed by! ...more

Are home casting kits a good idea?


Look at this photo of a cast taken with a home casting kit and I’d say a definite NO!! ...more

A Perfect Wedding Gift? No more Toasters!


A hand holding cast.... the alternative wedding gift... a truly special gift to celebrate a marriage. ...more

Tips for taking better photos on your phone


It’s amazing what great photos you can take with your mobile phone, especially with a few tops tips from a professional photographer. ...more

Top ten questions about baby casting


Top ten questions about baby casting ...more

Celebrating your baby's first Birthday


You’ve done it, you've survived your first year of parenthood!
But how to celebrate? After all your baby won’t remember their first birthday but it is a milestone,... ...more