Tips for taking better photos on your phone

Thank you to Carley from Thursdays Child Photography for writing this great guest blog post about how to get the most from your mobile phone photos.

Top Ten Tips for Taking Better Phone Photos

1. Clean Your Lens!!
It’s probably it’s the last thing you’ll think of doing but will have one of the biggest impacts on your photos. With the amount of muck and sticky fingers in most homes I can guarantee that your lens on your camera / phone has either finger prints, grease , food and dirt or a combination of these on the lens effecting the quality of your images.

2. How to stop blurry photos
Blur occurs when there isn’t enough light to take the photo or that something is moving too fast for your shutter to freeze. This mean unless you have a camera that you can control the shutter speed, your camera is going to guess what you want it to do and slow the shutter down to let in more light.
You either need to get your subject to stand still, increase the light by moving your subject nearer to a light source, or if you are feeling brave you try an app to allow you to control your shutter speed, last resort is to use another phone’s flash to light the photo.

3. HDR mode turned on.
When you use HDR, your iPhone Camera automatically blends the best parts of three photos taken quickly at different exposures—one at normal exposure, then one each of the brightest and darkest parts of the scene.

4. Lighting a photo.
Try to avoid standing your subject in front of a light source i.e. turn your subject so the light falls across their body and doesn’t light them from behind, as your camera will struggle with the light and shadows and will not be able to adapt for both. It’s also good to remember not turn them to face the light source as the light will become flat.
Did you know? You can tap the sunshine on the screen to increase or decrease the brightness of the photo?

5. Details and Perspective
You don’t always need to take a photo of the whole scene, make sure you come in close to photograph the small details.
It’s also good to remember not just shoot your children from your normal perspective, but to shoot from different angles, get low down so you are level with the children, or up high to show a birds eye view of their activity.
Tips for phone photos 1

6. Rule of Thirds
Using the rule of thirds means that the subject isn't centred in an image, Instead, the main focal point is a bit off to one side.. This helps to draw the viewer's eye into the composition, instead of just glancing at the centre.
Rule of thirds- Tips for taking better photos on your phone-

7. Negative Space
I love to use negative space. Many people will ask, what it is? Well it’s is the area which surrounds the main subject in your photo or what’s known as "positive space” By leaving a large area of negative space in your photo it can help to emphasize the main subject of a photo by drawing your eye to and giving your eyes somewhere to focus and rest. This helps prevent your image from appearing too cluttered.
Negative space- Tips for taking better photos on your phone-

8. Reflections
It’s a great idea to use water or windows to take photos with reflections. This can add an element of interest to your photography. You can use puddles, rivers, mirrors, and even glass windows to capture a reflection.
Reflections- Tips for taking better photos on your phone-

9. Shoot through elements in the foreground
Use your surroundings to add layers to your photo. By shooting things like through leaves or flowers you can create a stunning image.
Shoot through elements in the foreground

10. Capturing your children at home.
Set up a activity for your children to do somewhere that has great light and won’t require a camera with great low light capabilities. It makes it more fun for them and means you can capture lots of genuine moments and smiles without the dreaded “cheese” face.

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