A Perfect Wedding Gift? No more Toasters!

As the wedding season is upon us. Are you racking your brains for a gift that’s a bit different.... Something which is completely unique?

A couple’s hand cast could be exactly what you are looking for... a completely personal and bespoke gift.
Perfect as an engagement, wedding or anniversary gift.
A couples cast really symbolises the love between two people and can even capture the detail in their wedding rings.

It’s a gift that will be treasured for years to come by the whole family, not just shoved to the back of the kitchen cupboard like a toasted sandwich maker!

Imagine the scene in years to come.. the couple are together on their wedding anniversary remembering the day the cast was taken...
Their grandchildren are amazed that it is a cast of their grandparent’s hands and ask to see their wedding photos.
Their hands entwined capturing that moment in time forever.

The cast could even be taken when the couple get engaged and can used as beautiful centre- piece on the wedding day.

Gift vouchers are available, for details on pricing please follow this LINK
Casting appointments are at my studio in Southampton Hampshire. Home visits are also available.

Husband & Wife Cast