Pre- Mastectomy Breast Cast

I felt very honoured to have been able to make this cast for a customer and hope it helps in a small way.
I have sent her photos of the cast, she was really pleased, and is very happy for me to share these pictures.

Before we did the cast she spoke to me about how she had felt very cross with her breasts as they had made her ill.
She said she couldn’t even look at them when she was first diagnosed.

After chemotherapy treatment, the next step is to have a double mastectomy.
The realisation that she would look down.... and her breasts would be gone.... suddenly hit her.
She had been thinking of taking some photos of her breasts so she could remember them
.... but actually having a beautiful cast of them felt more comforting to her.
She said.... “Having this cast done has helped me say goodbye to my boobs”

Close up of a breast cast
I wish her the very best of luck, with her surgery, and for a speedy recovery.