Sibling Casts

Recently I have been asked to cast a lot of sibling groups, which I love to do!!
So... if your children are past the newborn stage or you have just had your 2nd or 3rd or even 4th child, a sibling cast means no one has to be left out!!

I work with a local framer and because my business is completely independent, any layout is possible. Please discuss your ideas with me!!
An example....
I recently had a customer who wanted framed outprints of her children. She had been super organised and first contacted me a few months before her new baby arrived.
We chatted about designs and the print and casting options for the new baby and her other child, a few times and pencilled in an appointment.
Once the baby arrived she came to the appointment with a sketch as to how she wanted her frame to look.
The prints are still drying at the moment but they are going to look amazing!
We are including prints from both her children, a photo, an engraved plaque and some vinyl decals all done to her exact specifications.

Sibling cast- Feet!
Sibling Cast- three little foot casts
3D Foot casts of 3 brothers in silver frame

The other option would be to have a Freestanding cast.
Holding hand casts are great with newborns as they still have the grasp reflex which usually lasts until they are about 5 months old.

These casts can be done in 2 ways depending on how old the sibling is.

If the older child is old enough to follow clear instructions and keep hold of the newborn, I can cast them together holding hands.
Or if they are a little younger I can cast the newborn first and then cast the older children around this cast.

Please do get in contact to discuss the options..... it’s never to late!!