Choose your professional caster with care!

'Your bundle of joy has arrived, life will never be the same again!
Time is funny when you have a newborn baby...days can be a blur or seem never ending...
So.... if you are thinking about getting casts of your precious baby to capture those little
fingers and toes forever..... here are a few things to think about when choosing your professional caster'

Photo Gallery-
Does the caster have a photo gallery showing a good range of their own work?
I recently found a caster local to me was using one of my images on her Facebook page to try and get customers!!
It’s taken me several years to build up photos and make samples.
Yes, it does take time and money to build up a comprehensive gallery of work BUT using photos of other casters work is lazy, breaks copyright law and
doesn't give a true representation of expertise or show the standard of their own work!!

Does the caster have plenty of experience casting babies?
After my initial training I started to cast babies and have been casting them now for 5 years, so have lots of experience.

Two years ago I invested in body casting training and since then I have been practicing and building up a portfolio of body casting work.
I now feel I am an experienced professional and am ready to start offering body casting as a service.

Are they insured?
All life casters in the UK should have proper insurance.

Personally I would be reluctant to use any business that only had a Facebook page, especially one which doesn’t list a home address.
A good informative website is a must for me!

Reviews –
Personal recommendations go a long way....
My customers can leave reviews on Facebook and Google. I have hit over 200 reviews now.