Nervous about leaving home with your new baby?

When I had my first baby, I often felt desperate to get out of the house but also felt scared about leaving on my own with a new baby.
Those first few trips out after my husband had gone back to work felt pretty stressful!

Our first trip was walking to the chemist to buy some formula because I was absolutely exhausted breast- feeding my baby daughter.
We got to the chemist fine but on the way back she screamed the whole way. I ended up walking back, trying to push the pram and carry her at the same time!
Then when I got home I felt guilty about her crying so much and then guilty for giving her a bottle!
My children are now 16 and 8 and I would like to say I don’t get stressed or get those pangs of parental guilt anymore..... but I still do!

So I just want to reassure you that I understand just how nervous new parents can feel leaving the house in those first few weeks and I really try to make my appointments as stress free as possible.

I have worried about all of these 'what ifs' and more!
......What if cries and I can’t calm him/her down?
......What if... baby gets hungry but fusses about feeding?
.....What if... we have a nappy explosion!
.....What if.... all these things happen and people think that I’m not coping?

So I always allow plenty of time for baby casting appointments so you will have time to feed or change your baby if necessary.
You are also welcome to bring a friend or family member with you.
You will have plenty of time to get your baby comfortable and I can help you both get in a good position to be cast.
Casting a baby in my studio

“I would definitely recommend Laura, we had such a lovely experience and I am so pleased with the prints she did of my little boy. Laura was able to offer her professional advice, nothing was too much trouble and she made it such a smooth process” Stephanie, May 2019

Everything you need to know about your baby casting appointment (For you to Download)

Here are a few things I found useful when I took my baby out in the early days...

1/ Write a list of what your changing bag contains. I started doing this when I went back to work. So anyone caring for my daughter could easily check everything was there.
.......(I ditched my changing bag pretty quickly and got myself a normal rucksack with plenty of pockets. It was a lot more comfortable to carry.)

2/ Replace anything you use as soon as you get home!!

3/ Get a wet nappy bag. I had bought a wet nappy bag as I had planned to use reusable nappies but I never got around to using them!
.....But..... I found the wet nappy storage bag great for put wet and dirty clothes in.

4/Streamline your bag. You don’t actually need loads of stuff, Nappies, wipes/cotton wool, a change of clothes (baby grows are easiest), small tube of barrier cream, sun cream, wet nappy bag, breast pads if you are breast feeding (or bottles and formula if not ) and a few snacks for yourself!

5/ I also found bringing a sling helpful even if you have a pram with you.

6/Finally don’t plan to do too much to start with. It fine to lower your standards for a while as you won’t be able to achieve everything you did before you had a baby in tow!