Getting creative with bump casting

I hadn’t done one for a while so it made a really nice change. After chatting about the different options with my customer she decided on a deluxe low definition cast as she wanted to decorate the bump cast herself. A fully smoothed low definition cast is the perfect canvas for this. I can’t wait to see the finished and decorated bump cast!!

Once the plaster bandage cast has fully dried out I will smooth the cast and then sand. When cast is perfectly smooth I will paint it ready for my customer Charlene to add her own mosaic design.

There are two types of cast you can have whilst pregnant a low definition or high definition cast.

Low Definition
A low definition bump cast is made with plaster bandages. The plaster bandages are applied to capture the shape of your bump, you can then choose to upgrade your cast by having it smoothed and strengthened. These casts also make great props for new born baby shoots, baby in the bump photos are really super cute.

Baby Noah snuggled in his bump cast

High Definition
A high definition cast is made using alginate which is then supported by a plaster shell, once the cast has been taken this mould is used to create a high definition cast capturing every little detail even your skin detail.
High definition Bump Cast

So why not capture your wonderful bump in all its glory! Pregnancy cast are best taken between 7 and 9 months or around 37 weeks if you want to use it in a new born baby shoot. This is so your cast is big enough to accommodate your new born baby.

I am very happy to discuss all the different options.
Pregnany Casting