The Perfect Frame for your Cast

I have to admit that framing isn't my favourite part of the process of producing your framed cast....I'm happier actually casting or getting messy painting.
However it's a very important part of the finished product. A frame should compliment and not detract from a beautiful cast. It shouldn't 'steal the show'

Over the years I've tried out lots of different suppliers of frames and I was so pleased when I found a local professional framer who could supply bespoke frames for me.
He's great and all my frames are made to order and not ordered in bulk.
You, as the customer, can choose everything.... the layout, the colour of the mounts, whether you want contrasting or single or double mounts, the frame moulding and the type of photo cut out.
I am very happy to advise you in this choice though!

If I have a layout of casts to frame I haven't done before, I can take the casts to him. He then lays them all out to make sure they fit the frame perfectly.
I never have to worry about not finding a frame to fit a customers order as they are all bespoke.
I have a wide choice of framing mouldings in my studio to help you decide but if you're looking for something particular for example to match an existing frame I can usually help.
My framer has searched suppliers to match frames high and low for me in the past so my customers can usually have exactly what they want.

Using a professional framer is most definitely worth it. It helps me provide the highest quality bespoke pieces for my customers.
A good framer is definitely worth their weight in gold!

Please have a look through my Gallery of Framed Casts to see a selection of frames