Jewellery, Unique and Personal

Just before Christmas I was approached by another local business owner, Maria Stubbs, to make a unique piece of jewellery.. (Maria wears two hats...she is a reflexologist (specialising in fertility problems) and she teaches baby massage).

Three years ago Maria developed tinnitus and really started to struggle at larger networking events.
We had met a couple of times, most recently at a Mamas and Papas event. She was always warm and friendly and loved a chat and really enjoyed networking events, but, because of her hearing loss, she was beginning to find them stressful..
Maria then had a great idea....., she decided she needed a broach/pin with a hard of hearing symbol on it and she asked me to make one.
She thought this would make interacting at group events that bit easier and a little less stressful as she wouldn't have to explain that she is hard of hearing time and time again.

Maria's review
'Laura recently made me a "no-hearing" silver pin. She is an absolute rock star! Cannot recommend her enough, this little pin means an awfully great deal to me! Thank you so much Laura'

If you have an idea for a unique Jewellery order, please do get in touch with me at Laura's Treasured Prints.
Your unique jewellery could include a fingerprint/ handprint, symbol or signature, or writing.
If in doubt please drop me a message if I can’t help I might know of someone who can!