Maureen, the seamstress

Last summer I was contacted by Crissie, she wanted a hand cast with a difference. I had already cast her and her mum Maureen holding hands, but this time she wanted her mum cast holding a needle.
Maureen had been a seamstress since she left school at 15. Her first job was in Dents glove making factory in Dukes Rd Southampton, followed by a hosiery repair shop in Bedford Place. There was a great demand for stocking repairs in the 1950s and Maureen sometimes undertook repairs for actresses and ballerinas working at the Gaumont theatre which is now The Mayflower. Her working life always involved sewing of some description, she even made her own wedding dress in 1955.
Maureen in her wedding dress

Maureen still enjoys being creative at 84 years old and has just started a weekly painting class, where she explores a different medium every week. Proving you’re never too old to learn a new skill!
She’s made me think maybe I should look for some local sewing classes; all I can do is badly sew on a button! Crissie and her mum had a good giggle when I messaged to double check I had secured the needle the right way up! Below-The Casting process and enjoying tea afterwards.

Maureen- casting process 2

Maureen- after casting

The needle used in the cast also tells a story. It was the needle that Crissie’s Nan (Maureens Mum) had used to make a childhood teddy for her. The teddy was never quite finished and the needle was still in situ on the seam of the teddy’s back.
Listening to Crissie talk about her mum it really made me realise that this cast will be such a lovely talking point now and for many years to come.

Photo of Maureen's cast

If you have any ideas for casts like this, please do drop me an email or give me a call.