Cold Casting

Over the last couple of months I have been practising a new method of casting..
I had been meaning to try this for about a year!! ....but taking the time out has proved tricky with business and family commitments.
I've found that it is not easy to find time when I am so busy working on my day to day business responsibilities and I forget to set time aside to learn new skills.
However at New Year (2010) I promised myself that I would make time to get started on learning how to produce wonderful cold casts.

Cold cast baby foot in copper and bronze
Cold cast baby foot in copper and bronze

What is Cold Casting?
A cold casting is a bonded resin and metal mixture (metal powder) which can be polished like real metal to give a beautiful depth and shine.
It produces a really luxurious finish which has a lovely feel due to the high metal content I use.
The cast is very strong and robust.

The casting is taken in the same way as normal with an alginate casting gel, but the process after this is different with many more complex steps.
The process includes making a plaster cast as normal but then I make a silicone mould of the plaster cast.
Making a Silicone mould

The silicone mould is then filled with the resin/metal mixture to produce the cold cast.
I use a high percentage of metal powder to resin for an amazing, really luxurious finish.
Once the cold cast is cured it goes through several stages of polishing to bring out the beauty and shine of the metal.