Training spotlight -Paige, The Casting Company Essex

Paige did her training with me before Covid was even a thing ! Since then she has worked incredibly hard to develop her skills and grow her business from scratch despite a global pandemic!

During my training courses my students practice casting and taking prints with 2 different babies.
I also spend a lot of time explaining the refining and finishing of casts as I believe that this is what makes the best casters stand out..
Paige really took this on board and has continued to work hard on developing these skills.

She has been consistent with her social media and has recently launched her website
A successful business doesn’t happen overnight but the key is a good knowledge base, consistency and passion for quality.

During my training course I also spend a lot of time explaining how to build a business and I include what has worked for me at different stages of the process.
Offering training is only a small part of -‘Laura's Treasured Prints’- I am not a training school- so I'm always able to share my up to date knowledge on all aspects of the business.

I regularly chat to Paige and many of my other students and I’m always happy to help them with any problems they come across.

Although I can’t offer training currently due to Covid I will continue to offer training courses when it is safe to do so.
I don’t offer online training as I think it is best taught in person.- my hands- on training offers my students the best value for money.

Please do get touch if you would like any more information.