Wow 2020, what a year!

It's now February 2021.... and the start of 2021 hasn’t been any better but I’m lucky that myself and my family are all here and well. Also I heard today that my parents are both getting their first vaccine this week. This is great news and I feel the NHS has done an amazing job rolling out the vaccine. After a rather depressing start to the year there is light at the end of the tunnel!

The hardest thing I've found about running my business through the Covid 19 pandemic has been that I have been unable to plan properly and I do like to plan!!
The casting side of my business is close contact so I’m in the same Covid rules category as hairdressers and beauticians and so like them I have no news about when I'm able to re open.
I set myself a goal each year to learn something new together with working on developing my business and tackling my never ending to do list.

So what’s my plan for 2021?

Before Christmas I made some commemoration ashes jewellery tester pieces.

I started making ashes Jewellery about 5 years ago but I decided to put them to one side as I wasn’t happy with relying on different suppliers for my various jewellery piece settings.
So as 2020 was the year for businesses to diversify I decided to look at ashes Jewellery again.
This time I have designed my own settings and have had moulds made so they will be totally unique.
After a few teething problems I should receive the moulds this week. I will then send them to the foundry for casting.
Initially I'll have them cast in silver but in future there’s no reason why they can’t be cast in any precious metal.
I’m so pleased I waited until 2021 as I now believe that my own settings are perfect and my range will be very high quality and bespoke.

Since the new year I have been balancing completing my pre lockdown orders and home schooling, which has been fun!!
I have just a few more pieces to totally finish and I will have completely caught up, This has never happened in 7 years as there’ have always been more casts to be taken!

Here are a few pieces I’ve recently completed
This stunning body cast was taken back in the summer and I recently finished it in time for a special birthday. What an amazing gift for her partner’s birthday. Below is one of the many baby casts I’ve been working on. I particularly love the gorgeous colour combination.
Female torso cast, cast whilst wearing a corset.
Female torso cast, cast whilst wearing a corset.

Stunning newborn baby casts
Stunning newborn baby casts