Beautiful Jack Paul Crowder stillborn 2021.

Little Jack
I met little Jack back in April a beautiful baby boy who was sadly stillborn.
I took prints and a cast of Jack at the hospital. They are a lovely tribute to a beautiful boy.
Jack's mother, Charlotte wrote to me after I completed Jack's cast.

"After our son Jack was unexpectedly stillborn, all of our family and closest friends rallied round to help in whatever way they could.
After leaving hospital I remembered that they had mentioned the possibility of casts but it had skipped my mind whilst in hospital, although I was desperate to have these done.
My sister in law stepped in and found Laura. Laura amazingly agreed to go in and take Jack’s prints in the hospital the next day.
She took every print possible so we had options for jewellery/casts etc to think about when we could process it.
I can never thank Laura (and Jodie) enough for arranging such special keepsakes at a time when we were unable to arrange ourselves.
Laura dealt with Jack (and us) with so much respect at such a sensitive time, the detail in the casts is incredible and we will treasure them forever.
Thankyou for giving us more precious keepsakes for our darling baby boy" xx
Charlotte Crowder 2021

The casting process

Stillborn Jack's cast 2
Stillborn Jack's cast 3

Beautiful stillborn Jack's framed casts 1

Finally in a frame