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Are home casting kits a good idea or not?

Life casting is great fun! But should you invest in professional casts or buy a home kit? I have lost count of the customers who visit me after being disappointed by a home kit or visit me when their child is older wishing they had got professional baby casts taken when they were new-born.

A few months ago a customer called Ruth visited me with her gorgeous little girl Sara. Ruth’s sister in law had also recently had a baby. Her sister in law was excited to capture those tiny new born hands and feet so she purchased a casting kit. Excitedly they opened the kit and read the instructions carefully and got everything ready. Well four of them tried and failed to even get one cast! That’s right four of them! Ruth, her brother, sister in law and grandma were all helping. Ruth said it must have been hilarious to watch them.

So when Ruth gave birth she decided it was best left to a professional.

After Ruth told me this story I thought I would research some home kits myself. Quite frankly I was shocked at how much they actually cost. One very well-known kit casting company charges £55 for a baby foot casting kit! What does that kit include, casting gel and some casting stone and a booklet, not even a frame. I then looked at a kit you can buy from Mother Care, all the reviews were either 1 or 2 star reviews, saying things like do not buy this kit it doesn’t work! Since I wrote this blog post Mother care have actually discontinued the kits, I wonder why? Maybe lots of un happy customers asking for refunds.

These kits are cheaper than me, but what did Ruth’s sister get left with? A bit of a giggle and a bit of a mess, but no casts! So that was £55 down the drain quite literally.

For a hand and foot framed I charge £155 what does that include?

A professional no hassle cast, quality materials which will stand the test of time, casts framed in a bespoke frame to your exact specifications and an engraved name plate or a vinyl decal.

So which option is really value for money?

Home Cast Below

My Cast Example

These home cast photos were kindly provided by a customer. Who tried a home casting kit before coming to see me. Complete with missing toes!

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