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Celebrating a First Birthday

You’ve done it, you have survived your first year of parenthood! But how to celebrate? After all your baby won’t remember their first birthday but still it’s quite a milestone.

My advice is to relax and enjoy it. For both my children we had a little tea party and did a family day out. My son especially didn’t actually really enjoy birthday parties until he was about five, after that he really got into the swing of them! Do what’s right for your family, whether that’s a big party or a quiet family day doing something nice.

Party/days out ideas

A trip to the Zoo always goes down well, Marwell zoo near Southampton is great if the weather is nice. We did brave it in November one year though!

A trip to the farm, Both Longdown and Manor farm in Southampton are great.

If the weathers not so good, we love the Aquarium in Bournemouth.

If you have friends with young children soft play is always a hit. I have to admit I always prefer it in the week or early at the weekend when its quieter! I think one of the best is Kids Today in Chandlers ford. It’s nice and clean and most importantly has good coffee and cake. It has an area specifically for babies too.

Or a party tea at home with plenty of cake!


Open a bank account- On both my children’s first birthdays my parents opened a bank account for them and added some money as a gift. Over the years I’ve added a little every few months.

Gift ideas- Stacking toys, bath toys, textured balls, a trolley or push along toy, board book or bath books.

Make some memories

Maybe book a cake smash or family photoshoot to mark the occasion, or maybe make a photo book of their first year.

If you have a get together buy a big card and ask everyone to sign it and add a little message.

I get a lot of people come to me for hand and foot casts on or around their 1st birthday. Parents contact me and say I’ve been meaning to get this done for ages! All of a sudden their babies aren’t so tiny any more. Don’t worry 3d hand and foot casts at this age can really be just as cute as little new born casts. You could even take advantage of the casting and cake smash photography package that myself and Lucy from Lucinda’s New born photography offer. Link here

Here’s Kailia being cast for her first birthday, she is a pro now! I have cast her when she was a tiny new born baby, at 6 months and now at 1-year-old. The next lifecast on her mums list is a hand holding cast. Happy Birthday Kailia!

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