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Thank you so much to Claire for sending me this photo of her babies' casts displayed together on the wall. I met Claire in November 2018 when she asked me to cast her son Frank at the funeral directors. He was very sadly stillborn. After Christmas I again met up with Claire, and her husband Richard, so they could decide how to display the these very precious casts. Later that year I was so pleased to hear that Claire was expecting another baby and in November 2019 Claire bought her beautiful new baby girl, Gianna, to my studio for casts. When I sent Claire the photos of Gianna's casts, Claire realised that I had cast Frank and Gianna on exactly the same day, November 6th, a year apart. Richard has recently climbed Kilimanjaro (before the Covid 19 outbreak) to raise money for the charity called Abigails Footsteps. The money will be put towards a cooling cot which enables parents to take their baby home to spend precious time with them before they have to say goodbye. £2200.00 is enough to supply a hospital with this precious piece of equipment. If you would like to help, please follow this link to Richards fundraising page.

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