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Lifecast repairs

Oh no I've broken my cast! Firstly don't panic I can work wonders and get your casts looking perfect again. Mostly you wouldn't even be able to tell its been repaired.

I'm also happy to repair and finish casts taken from kits. Although I would always recommend a professional life cast. Sometimes this isn't always possible and hospice staff or funeral directors take casts as there's no other option. I can refine the cast, repair and sculpt missing fingertips then ensure its properly painted and sealed. Then frame or mount the cast to your specification.

This cast was an end of life cast taken by the family. I've removed all air bubbles and filled and refined areas, repaired missing fingertips and then properly sealed and paint the cast. This cast will also be framed for added protection.

Whatever the issue, make sure you keep all the broken pieces and drop me a line, including some photos.

Repair review

Laura carried out a repair on my sons casting which was cracked / chipped. I was so upset when it happened and told Laura in the hope she could help. Laura not only fixed the casting so you would never even known it happened but the paint colour used for the repair was matched perfectly, so impressed! Laura saved my priceless baby boys casting and I wouldn’t go anywhere else for future castings and prints. Laura is very skilled, she was able to restore my beloved piece back to it’s normal self and no one would know the difference.

Maxine Turner April 2022

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