Ashes Jewellery Care

Resin Jewellery care
Resin is a strong and durable material with a beautiful glossy appearance.
To make sure your
jewellery stays looking its best, please follow these care instructions.
Resin is only water resistant not waterproof. So please remove your jewellery before bathing, swimming and washing up.
Protect your jewellery from cleaning products and chemicals. This includes some beauty/hair products such as hair spray, perfume, body lotions/sprays, hand sanitisers.
Do not expose your jewellery to extreme heat eg. Don’t leave it on window sill, or in a hot car, or wear when using a sunbed. Resin might soften if it gets very hot. If this happen leave your jewellery
to cool down slowly and don’t touch the resin. Normal wear in the sunshine is fine this will only happen in extreme heat.
Cleaning and storage
Store your jewellery away from direct sunlight in the jewellery box provided. If necessary, clean the
resin with a very slightly damp microfiber cloth.

Do not use a silver dip to clean your jewellery the sterling silver setting can be cleaned with a silver polish cloth. Do not use these cloths on the resin. A silver dip is great for your chain but just remove
your jewellery from it first.
Please do contact me if you do damage your jewellery as it might be possible to repair or re cast it.
I am always happy to re polish your jewellery please contact me to arrange, I will just ask that you cover any postage. So if in doubt please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Resin Pendants

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