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Baby Print Hand and Footprint Tiles

Baby Prints are the perfect way to capture those tiny hands and feet forever, a wonderful quality keepsake to treasure.
Baby Print Outprint tiles are beautiful raised impressions made from clay prints of your baby's hands and feet.

Outprints can be taken at any age from tiny new-born to adults, hands and feet .

Laura's Treasured Prints
The Process

The actual process takes a couple of minutes and is totally safe. Your child's hand or foot is very gently pressed into a soft natural clay. This leaves a wonderful impression showing every line and crease. Once I have your clay print I then make an outprint impression, using a high quality casting plaster. When the outprint tile is dry it can then be painted and finished to your specifications. The outprint tile can be framed or left unframed. Below are some popular options, but you can have any layout or combination of prints, you can even include the whole family.

Allow at least 45 minutes for an appointment (longer if more than one cast is required), so we have time to relax and choose colours and finishes.

Because of the time the outprint needs to dry and to be hand finished and framed, it will be ready to collect in approx 12 weeks.

Babyprint prices
Baby Hand and foot print, large heart £100
2d love plaque with hand and foot prints- £90.jpg
Baby Hand and foot prints framed £145-150 
Full set of baby hand and foot prints framed £190-195
Examples of Babyprints
Baby Hand and footprint plaque unframed £80
Baby Hand and foot print love plaque £100
Baby Hand and foot prints framed with a photo £170-175
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