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Pregnancy Casting

Pregnancy is a magical time and each bump is completely unique just like the baby
inside. It can be easy to forget the beauty of your bump while you are struggling with
sleepless nights 
but once your beautiful baby has arrived and your bump has gone it will be missed, I
still miss my bump all these years later!
Capture your bump forever with one of these gorgeous castings. Bump casts can be
tailored to exactly how you wish to capture your amazing bump in all its glory... after
all it
was your baby’s first home and deserves to be remembered.
Pregnancy casting is safe for both mother and baby. You will remain seated
throughout the cast. Before the cast I ask that you have eaten a good meal and
inform me of any medical conditions.
You are welcome to bring your partner (they could even be included in the cast) or a
friend. The whole process is fun and relaxed.
I understand that you might feel a bit nervous about undressing (you can be cast
with your underwear on if you wish) please be assured that I will be completely
professional and discreet.
There are two options, a High Definition Cast or a Low Definition Cast:-

High Definition Pregnancy Cast 

A high definition pregnancy bump cast captures every little detail of your baby bump including your skin texture in wonderful detail. You can decide whether to include
your hand or arm, or your breasts... the choice is yours. It can be finished in natural white or in a very large range of beautiful metallic finishes. It is best done between 7 to 9 months.

Prices for high definition bump casts
Bump alone- £325, 
Bump and 1 hand £375 and 2 hands £450
Bump and breasts £500

Bump, breast to include shoulders £550
Bump, breast and hands £650

Image (7).jpeg
A Low Definition Pregnancy Cast (Ideal for a new born photo shoot)
photo 4 (1).jpg

A Low Definition Pregnancy Cast (Ideal for a new born photo shoot)
A low definition bump cast shows the shape of your pregnant belly but does not show the details of your skin. 
The cast is created by layering warm plaster bandages on your belly. Once the cast is dry it is individually strengthened and perfectly smoothed.
These casts are great fun to decorate or to use in new-born photo shots as seen below. They are best done between 7 to 9 months pregnant, although if you want a bump bowl to use in a new born photo shoot it is best to do the cast at around 37 week

Prices for low definition bump castsRaw plaster bandage bump bowl with edges trimmed and tided. Perfect for a newborn baby photo shoot. £70Smoothed deluxe bump bowl cast, painted and varnished in a colour of your choice-£185Smoothed deluxe bump and breast cast, painted and varnished in a colour of your choice. Strengthened and ready to hang on the wall- £265

photo 2 (1).jpg
Examples Of Pregnancy Casting
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