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Ink fingerprint jewellery Hampshire, UK

Ink Fingerprint Jewellery

Luxury Heirloom Quality, foundry cast silver fingerprint print jewellery made using the ancient art of wax casting, a technique dating back to ancient Egypt.

This method involves each piece being hand carved in wax to make a unique mould which is used to cast jewellery in molten silver.

This method produces far superior jewellery than silver clay (which most other keepsake is made from) in both strength and finish.

Ink Fingerprint Jewellery.


Laura's Treasured Prints
Silver fingerprint jewellery in Southampton

The definition in fingerprints develop with age. Babies and young children will not have a defined print. Ink fingerprint jewellery is only suitable from the age of five years old.
For younger children and babies, hand or footprint jewellery is generally recommended. Children may be able to have impression fingerprint jewellery from approx 18 months.
All large and standard pendants and bracelet charms come in a choice of seven shapes and three sizes- (see first 3 rows above).
All cufflinks come in a choice of 3 shapes (see 3 shapes on the bottom row).


Ink Fingerprint Jewellery Price list

Ink fingerprint Jewellery PRICE list
Luxury large pendant- £135
Standard pendant- £120
Luxury large pendant with two print merged- £135
Standard pendant with 2 prints merged- £125
Bracelet charm on a charm carrier- £115
Cufflinks- The same print on each cufflink -£165. Different prints on each cufflink- £170

Barrel bead- £145
Stud earrings -£155

Hampshire fingerprint jewellery

Price includes-A print kit, jewellery box and polishing cloth.
Chains-18inch snake chain- £25, 20inch snake chain- £30. (Snake chains are my most popular chain choice but many other styles are available on request.)
Postage £8.50 for special delivery or you are welcome to collect from my ink fingerprint jewellery Hampshire studio.

Taking an Ink Prints fingerprint

These are taken with an ink sheet, (which I can send to you on request) or you can use your own ink pad and paper.
To watch a short video taking an ink fingerprint see video.

Or you can take a fingerprint very easily with a pencil and sellotape.

Fingerprint Examples
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