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Hypnobirthing in Southampton

I recently met up with another local business owner, Katie is a local hypnobirthing instructor. She was very down to earth and has so much knowledge. So many of our customers cross over so I thought I would ask her to write a little about what she can offer.

Katie of Heavenly Hypnobirthing is a local Hypnobirthing Instructor and Breastfeeding Peer Supporter, covering Southampton, Eastleigh and surrounding areas. She offers a range of private, tailored courses to suit you and your birth partner. Katie used hypnobirthing herself with her two children and now loves to see the transformation in her clients from fearful to looking forward to meeting their babies! If you're pregnant, then read on for some useful tips!"

5 Things I wish everyone knew about birth       1. Birth doesn't have to be something to dread!              Birth is often portrayed by both society and your family & friends as an ordeal that you need to get through in order to meet your baby. Birth doesn't have to be like this! As a hypnobirthing instructor, I understand the power of a positive mindset when approaching birth, and although those stories are valid, they aren't your reality! It's not helpful to listen to anyone oversharing, there's plenty of time for that AFTER your baby is here. Filling your head with positive stories, videos, podcasts etc. will massively help to aid your mindset during birth.       2. You and your birth partner can play an active part in your birth.              So often we think that birth is something that just happens to us, but there is a huge amount you can do to feel part of your experience. Naturally, I would say a comprehensive antenatal education is a good place to start, for both you AND your birth partner/s. From how to breathe properly during labour, how to prepare a birth plan that will support you, to all the wonderful ways your partner can help you - as well as an appreciation of your rights - will stand you in good stead.       3. A positive birth experience is not necessarily about the type of birth you have.              When you start reading positive birth stories, you realise that it's not the type of birth (waterbirth, homebirth, hospital birth, Caesarean birth etc) that necessarily makes for a positive experience - it's whether you felt informed, prepared, respected and able to be part of any decision making process. I have a range of positive birth stories on my website, from induction, midwife led, homebirth to Caesarean birth. It's a good idea to teach your mind about different scenarios so that it doesn't enter panic mode should your circumstances alter.       4. You have autonomy and choice over so much in your birth experience!              Often we think that if a healthcare professional is telling us we have to do something, then there is no choice. Birth is different. You're not ill, you're not sick, your body is performing an amazing physiological process and as such, you have choice. Understanding your rights and options is so important. My help is on offer to all my clients with navigating the mountain of research, enabling you to reach decisions about your body, birth and baby.       5. Your birth experience stays with you for the rest of your life and has a huge impact on parenthood.              There is little appreciation of how much your birth experience has an impact on becoming a parent. If you choose to breastfeed, then your birth may affect this getting off to a good start. I'm a Peer Supporter at Bursledon Breastfeeding Babes, and listening to parent's journeys made me realise how important it was to prepare and educate yourself prior to your baby's arrival. You only get to experience this birth once and it stays with you, long after they have outgrown the tiny clothes and have started walking and talking. Don't just hope for a positive birth, prepare for one.        For more information on Katie's courses, head to and also find her on Facebook and Instagram

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