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My first celebrity cast!

Maeva D Ascanio -Made in Chelsea Pregnancy cast. 

So back in October last year I got a call out of the blue from Made in Chelsea! One of the cast

members was pregnant and they wanted me to do pregnancy cast. They asked would I be happy to

be filmed whilst casting? I hesitated a bit as nerves got the better of me but I took a deep breath and

thought I just needed to go for it. 

So over the next couple of weeks I got everything together for a trip up to Cambridgeshire. I packed

my wheelie bag and got my hair done. 

I was a bit nervous the night before especially as there had a been climate protests every morning

on the m25 that week, I had to much stuff to carry so the train was out of the question. So I got up

super early and packed the car. I was feeling rather smug as I headed around the m25. Then

suddenly it was at a total stand still, the protesters had hit again! I traveled 1 mile in an hour! I was

so glad I left loads of time as despite the hours delay I eventually arrived in time, and even had time

for a quick coffee.

I was very glad to see a friendly face when I arrived, I had asked Hannah from Dinkie Details to be my

assistant. I trained Hannah in baby casting last summer and remembered her saying she loved Made

in Chelsea. It was really good to have another pair of hands. I have to admit I hadn’t actually

watched Made in Chelsea before so it was great to get the low down from Hannah. 

They were already filming when we arrived so we peaked through the door and waited around until

it was time. Finally we got called into set up! I was casting the very beautiful Maeva D Ascanio bump.

She was sat chatting to her pals Joel and Robbie and they were all relaxing on the big sofas in the

hotel suite. Joel and Robbie immediately put me at ease and asked me lots of questions, and even

joked could I cast Joel’s bottom! 

I set up and started casting, i shouldn’t have worried as once I started it was fine. I asked everyone

to leave the room until I was at the point of the cast where Maeva was covered in alginate. Maeva

was lovely and was happy for Hannah to take a few photos for me to use and tagged my business on

her instagram stories. Which has been great for business! 

The cast turned out absolutely beautifully and will be a lovely memory of her pregnancy.

Maeva gave birth to a beautiful baby boy called Beau a week after we did the cast. 

On the Boxing Day episode “Bonjour baby” Maeva was featured with the mould on and a quick snap

shot of the casting process. I should have got a manicure rather than getting my hair done as all you

see is a quick hand shot ! 

Here’s a few behind the scenes photos

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